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  1. WE ARE ONE .


  2. Sick of protests in Brigton

    May 28, 2011

    Please stop making old steine such a mess. We dont come to your country and camp in your nice Madrid or Barcelona squares and ruin tourism/trade during hard times in Spain. We have a protest EVERY week it seems in Brighton and the local people are SICK of them. Your very lucky to live in western europe, its hardly the corruption seen in Africa or even Russia. Please just give the local people of Brighton a rest from this constant “getting upset about things”. If you care so much about spain, please go complain about it there.

    • Hi “sick of protest in Brighton”,

      first of all, thanks for your comment in our blog. We kindly appreciate all positive and negative points of view and contributions. We understand you position, and we apologize for any negative impact that our camp might have on the Old Stein gardens. We can assure we are working hard to decrease all negative possible impacts as much as possible. This is the reason why we offer free activities and social workshops for the community in Brighton so people can approach us and understand we are only camping there in solidarity with the Spanish citizens. The camp is alcohol and drugs free. There is no act of violence permitted there. Campers clean it from trash every morning and night and take care of it. Campers do not host homeless, but they are respected as part of the community and the relationships with them are totally peaceful. Campers have been attacked and threatened at night and they did not react in any wrong way. So far, there has been no act from the campers that has had any negative impact on Brighton community. They are not mainly Spanish anymore, as many English and people from other nationalities have join them so far. Campers and people who support the camp and the “Real Democracy Now” movement have the right to show their contempt against the situation of abuse of power that is happening in Spain, and IN MANY OTHER COUNTRIES and that might affect even UK in the future. Please, if you have any particular complaint against the campers actions or behavior, let us know and we will follow the complain up. Our main purpose is making the British community aware of the unfair situation that is happening in really close countries like Spain (where the movement started) but also Portugal, Greece, Italy, France… ( we do not need to go so far to Africa or Russia). Our goal is making this awareness GLOBAL so our voice can reach places, like the ones you mentioned where the abuse of power and corruption are even bigger. If we do not start at some point, we will never achieve it. Spanish society woke up after long years under abuse, this is the perfect historical time to start a peaceful GLOBAL revolution. I hope this answer can help you understand our purposes and thanks once again for your contribution.


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