30th June – UK Strike Day Demonstration and Rally

Posted on June 28, 2011


RDN Supports the Strike because we have common viewpoints with the Unions and we show solidarity as we are outraged with the following:

The fact that the goverment wants to increase the retirement age from 65 to 68.

The increase in the amount that teachers pay towards pensions to £100 per month.

In private sector, employers clawed back a pension system that took decades to win.

The fight for good jobs doesn’t affect just today’s workforce. If the goverment succeeds in gutting our pensions that workers- the students of today- will have worse working conditions and an insecure retirement as well.

We need to fight back on this attack, to fight for better pensions and a decent retirement age both in the public and private sector.

RDN does not support ideologies or parties. We are outraged about the global financial situation and we want to give voice to voiceless.

Join us this Thursday 30th of June, 10:30 at The Level.