NEWS! BBC Sussex Politics show confirmed for tomorrow Weds 8th June at the Camp, Old Steine at 9:20AM

Posted on June 7, 2011


Hi everybody BBC Sussex Politics show has confirmed that they will come tomorrow Weds 8th June to the Camp at 9:20AM.

Therefore, WE NEED PEOPLE AND ACTIVITY AS EARLY AS 8AM! They should start with some interviews, then there is Yoga with David at 10AM and if someone could arrange some other activity at 11AM it would be great (Get down to the camp to organise it and write on blackboards/whiteboards).
Having that said, it would also be nice to have more people! A camp can only be sustained by how many people it has! So come down as often as you can.

We could also do with some cutlery, volunteers to clean up camp/dishes, lunch & dinner rotas and bring food (eg: pasta and vegetables) so that cooking volunteers will not have to put up with all the costs!
As usual, people helping at any point in time, organising workshops/activities, joining committees or networking with other platforms and associations are welcome!

Thanks in advance and see you all tomorrow.

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Posted by Paula Mata.