News from and about the camp

Posted on June 6, 2011


Hi all,

sorry for having being dissapeared for the weekend. We had the demonstration on Saturday and also an Assembly on Saturday. We were dealing with rumours regading our camp, please see here

Yesterday afternoon we decided to carry on with the camp until Wednesday, as fortunately nothing happened in the end and the authorities allowed us to stay there. On Wednesday 08th June we will have another Assembly to decide about our next step, and decide what to do with the camp. At the same time we will come up with different proposals, alternative actions, in case we decide not to keep the camp. We can explain them on Wed assembly and have a vote. Please bring your own proposals, every idea is welcome!

Regarding the activities taking place at the Old Steine, you can propose your own workshop or talk or whatever in here:

Please, feel free to contribute with anything!

In name of the campers, THANKS to ones who stayed in the camp for the whole weekend and the ones who went down there from Friday to show our force against the rumours about some neighbours demonstrations asking to make us leave the Old Stein. Thanks for making it possible!!!

Thanks also to the guys from DEMOTIX for supporting us and the great pictures. See them here

Real Democracy Now Brighton.

Posted by Paula Mata.