Agenda Summary from Gen. Assembly on 1/06/2011

Posted on June 2, 2011


To start with there are several organizing themes that were dealt with at the Assembly. It was agreed on the body language that will be used from hereafter, for instance waving both hands in the air is a sign of approval whilst crossing your arms over your head is understood as a veto on the issue being discussed. Other signs were also introduced and we shall remind about them at each Assembly if necessary. It was also agreed that individual interventions should not be over 5 minutes, to keep the conversation going. On the other hand, it was decided that no set time limit will be given to the Assemblies and we shall simply use as much time is necessary/possible.

Then we moved onto the Committee Briefings. The Legal Committee, represented this time by Juan Cruz, told us that an organization from London had sent us information on how to set up our own legal observers. It may come in handy soon so do keep in touch with the Legal Committee if you could help in that way.
The Camp Committee (Pau) informed that there is a need of volunteers throughout the whole day to help and organize activities. Also volunteers to join any Committees are welcome, even though it sounds very formal its just a bunch of people organizing stuff! The Awareness Committee (David) introduced itself and some of its basic functions, such as reminding all of us the reasons why we are undertaking such protest actions. Finally, External Relations (Carlos) Committee has been in touch with other assemblies across the UK and there is news of Europe-wide demonstrations on the 19th of June which will need further discussion.

To conclude with, a manifesto from the following website ( was presented to the Assembly. The general feeling was that something more could be added, thus it was decided that a working group will swiftly make some amendments to the text so that we have a coherent text to spread around during our demo on the 4th of June (2pm at Churchill Sq. until further notice).

Therefore for the next Assembly we will have to discuss issues that could not be dealt with today. For instance, the list of proposals that has already been synthesized from the ballot box we had during the week and how to organize the demos for the 19th of June (for example should we have one in Brighton or join London’s Assembly?) Start brainstorming about these issues, volunteer for the committees or show support at any time!

Thank you, and talk to you soon!
Real Democracy Now Brighton