We keep on having activities everyday at @campbrighton for the local community, come to the Old Stein & see what we can offer you!

Posted on June 2, 2011


Hi there,

we would like to share with you all the OPEN CALENDAR where you can find our planned activities for the next few days and where you can ADD your own, if you feel like it!! Please, if you add any activity, email democracybrighton@gmail.com to let the Internal Commission know.

Just enter here www.realdemocracynowbrighton.12r.org and check it out!

Our fear friend Laurie created this document for us where we can exchange our proposals for activities!

Thanks to all for your contributions, and PARTICIPATION!!!

We will soon upload pictures of the different activities so you can see how interesting and worthy they are!


Real Democracy Now Brighton.

Posted by Paula Mata.