We are already in contact with other International DRY “antennas”! :)

Posted on May 26, 2011


Hi DRY (Democracia Real Ya) supporters,

we are glad to inform you about that we have been contacted by other International Real Democracy Now antennas to create an International network, and work together.

Madrid, London, Paris, Bristol…

Contact details:





Paris:  http://www.reelledemocratie.com/

DRY Paris

Berlin: @acampadaberlin


http://on.fb.me/mEhI4r @DRY_Bruselas

Edimburg: http://dry-edimburgo.blogspot.com/


Twitter, @AcampadaEDI

Leipiz: http://acampadaleipzig.blogspot.com/


Italy: dryitalia.blogspot.com contacto: DRY_italia@yahoo.es @DRY_italia

NEW!!! Greecehttp://real-democracy.gr/

Guys, if you have contacts with any other International DRY movemnte or camp with an official website or Social Network profile, help us updating this list! Thanks! 🙂

Let’s go for the WORLD REVOLUTION!