Activities and actions for tomorrow 24th May

Posted on May 23, 2011


Hi everyone!

First of all, just to let you all know The Spanish Revolution in Brighton is being a total success! Thanks to everyone!

Just check out this:

As agreed at the Assembly today, we will start making more social activities to grab people’s attention. We will start tomorrow by providing some entertainment and health activities to the community:

  • Do you feel like learning YOGA for free tomorrow?!?! JOIN US at the Old Stein at 5pm and our friend Tommaso will help you! Please, just bring your own stuff if you don´t feel confortable with doing the exercises on the grass.
  • For those who want to take advantage of their LUNCH BREAK as much as possible, join our CAPOEIRA SESSIONS for free at 2pm at the Old Stein. Our friend Jerome will provide lessons to everyone who joins the group.
  • From 2pm on there will be two girls, Pau and Cris ready to provide information and help to everyone who is curios about what we are doing and why. Please, feel free to come down to the Old Stein to bring your thoughts and opinions and joining the Global Revolution. They might be preparing too some other activities and workshops that might surprise you!
  • For those who are busy during the whole day, we are having our meetings at 6pm also at the Old Stein so everyone can come and join us. We will discuss about further activities and peaceful marches (ex: English-Spanish exchange meetings…)
Finally, in order to take over the streets, the Assembly would like to inform about that we are organizing a big demonstration in two weeks time, so we will have all needed legar permissions by then. We are hoping for the Council and the Police to give us the required permits for our demo on the 4th of June for which we will need to gather a lot of support.
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See you all tomorrow!
Real Democracy Now Brighton.
En Español:
La Asamblea constató que la manifestación de hoy pudo crear algo de tensión y malestar entre la comunidad local cerca de Churchill Sq. Por ese motivo, las manifestaciones se han suspendido y en su lugar organizaremos actos promocionales menos intrusivos y dentro de la legalidad. La Asamblea acordó que estas actividades promocionales tendrá lugar a partir de las 6pm una vez que la Asamblea decida que acción llevar a cabo: entre otros se propuso juegos urbanos y flash mobs, que son actos mas espectaculares y permiten una mayor interaccion con la gente de Brighton.

Al mismo tiempo estamos organizando actividades comunitarias en el Campamento Base (Old Steine) para entretener a la gente a nuestro alrededor y compartir nuestra sabiduría de forma gratuita. Por ello el 24 de Mayo (Martes) tendremos una sesión de Capoeira con Jerome a las 2pm, seguido de Yoga con Tommaso a las 5.30pm. Otras actividades están por organizarse, entre otros actividades para niños, seminarios sobre democracia participativa e intercambios Ingles-Español.

Finalmente, para tomar las calles, la Asamblea también acordó organizar una gran manifestación para dentro de dos semanas. Esperamos que el Ayuntamiento y la Policia nos de los permisos necesarios para susodicha manifestación el 4 de Junio para la cual necesitaremos una gran movilización.