Let´s meet up for the march on the 22nd May for a Real Democracy!

Posted on May 22, 2011


Hi everyone!

First of all thanks everyone for joining today at 4pm at the Old Stein. We hope you felt part of this huge movement for a Real Democracy and you had a good time today.
As a result of what we were talking today, we would like to inform you about that:
The next meeting will take place from 11am on at the “camping” 😉 area, Old Stein to prepare the march which will take place at 4pm starting from Churchill Square.
We would like to invite you all to join The Spanish Revolution-Brighton tomorrow again, and make all this go further on.
We need people to come and help with spreading the message to attract as many people as possible to joing us for the march.
From 11am until 13h we will be working on preparing everything and getting all material needed as Flyers, banners and placards and anything else you can think of. Do not forget to bring pans and pots!!! Important: TABLES (Please those who can bring tables, do not hesitate in bringin them). Think of anything we might need and please, bring it! THANKS in advance!!
Those who have mobile phone with Internet connexion can help with communication, twitting about the march and the whole event and updating the gruop about how is it going in the rest of the cities.
From 13h until 15h we will basically work on promoting and handing out the flyers, placing the banners and also the signs to help with directions.
At 16h we will all meet at Churchill Square to start the march towards Hove, walking on Western road until Palmeira Square and then going down to the seafront to come back walking along it and coming back to the Old Stein.
Please, do not hesitate to come and be part of this new Global Revolution.
For further details or any question, just contact us.
Do not forget of spreading the message as much as possible! Communication is our best weapon!
Good night and see you all tomorrow.
PS: PLEASE, remember that we need to leave Old Stein tidy and clean. This is a non-violent demonstration and we need to behave peacefully and with respect to the community.