Tomorrow Entertainment activities for children from 13h on & MEETING AT 19h at Old Stein

Posted on May 22, 2011


Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining us again today! The marches yesterday and today were a total success! 🙂
Acampada Brighton
Here is the info about tomorrow´s activities:
  • Belén is in charge of the activities and workshops for children (games, painting, educational activities…) FROM 13h ON AT THE CAMP IN OLD STEIN.
  • at 19h we are ALL meeting again to discuss about other activities, opened discussions and future actions. We will focus on organizing ourselves and deciding about the flyers and who is gonna hand them out and when.
  • Carlos suggested analyzing the Electoral results in Spain.
We would like to inform that Neus and Pau are in charge of keeping in contact with the Assembly in London to discuss about the demonstrations and strike they are planning on the 30th June in the public sector. The main idea is that Neus and Pau go there to learn, create networks for us and inform us about how they are organized in London.
Thanks to all of you who sent pictures and videos, I´ll try to upload all of them as soon as possible. 🙂
I would like to ask you all if anybody has any contacts with the media, blogs, or any other source of information o mailing list, to contact me, Paula Mata, so we promote ourselves more and we spread the message around.
Thanks a lot and see you all tomorrow! 🙂