SOPA Strike

January 18, 2012


On 18th of January we witnessed the greates protest ever seen on the internet, due to restrictive legislation being debated in the USA (SOPA & PIPA). Internet giants such as Google, Facebook, OpenDNS and Mozilla amongst others have already expressed concerns over this issue. We defend the neutrality of the internet, whilst these pieces of […]

Preparatory Assembly for the global day of action 12M and 15M [2012]

January 17, 2012


Throughout this period of insurrection, from Iceland to the latest upheavals in Russia and Hungary, if anything has become clear is the advanced state of decay of political systems and their mechanisms of representation (they do not represent us!), And their subservience to capitalist command (rescue the people not the banks!) In 2011 we took […]

OccupyLSX International Commission

November 22, 2011


The International Commission from London has been sharing with all of us the current idea for a global sharing of information between all the different camps and movements that have arised this year across the globe. Please take 10 minutes to read it and then explain it at your local assembly. New Version / Inter-Assembly […]

#Op20N by Anonymous: International Release

November 7, 2011


Dear citizens of the world, we are Anonymous,and we would like you to pay some attention to events unfolding in Spain, which are in turn closely related to the situation in many other countries. We have all witnessed the so-called Arab Spring, which slowly but surely has spread onto Southern Europe, most notably Spain and […]

Wish List 7th November and Events

November 7, 2011


  Wish list 7th November Strong boxes. Coffee Gloves, scarves, coasts Water proofs Blankets. Large Saucepans Vegetables peelers Touches, candles, gas lights, paraffin lights.. Electricity & Water   Events Nov 07 6:00 PM – Process Meeting 7:ooPM – Positive Money Talk 8:ooPM – General Assembly 10:00PM – Anti Commercialisations   Nov 08 6:00PM – Process […]

Rethinking #AcampadaBrighton

November 3, 2011


On 15th of May 2011, something almost unthinkable in Spain happened. A demonstration was called by a pro-mobilisation platform called Democracia Real Ya (Real Democracy Now). This platform is a mixture of different associations that seek to defend civil rights and have in the last few months become one of the fundamental pillars of Spanish […]

30th June – UK Strike Day Demonstration and Rally

June 28, 2011


RDN Supports the Strike because we have common viewpoints with the Unions and we show solidarity as we are outraged with the following: The fact that the goverment wants to increase the retirement age from 65 to 68. The increase in the amount that teachers pay towards pensions to £100 per month. In private sector, […]